Getting into Windows Safe Mode

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To get into the Windows 8 Safe Mode, follow these steps:

1.When the computer is booting, press and hold the Shift key, and tap the F8 key repeatedly until the Recovery screen appears.
2.Click the See advanced repair options option on the Recovery screen.
3.On the “Choose an option” screen, click the Troubleshoot option.
4.On the “Troubleshoot” screen, click the Advanced options option.
5.On the “Advanced options” screen, click the Windows Startup Settings option.
6.On the “Windows Start Settings” screen, click the Restart option.

Note: If you have trouble getting to the Recovery screen in step 1 above, you may have to try it several times, with several reboots of your computer.

When the computer restarts, you should see the standard “Choose Advanced Options” screen, similar to the example below. Use your arrow keys to move to “Safe Mode” and press your Enter key.
Another option for accessing Safe Mode in Windows 8 is to do the following:

1.Press the Windows key and the R key together to access the “Run” option.
2.Type msconfig in the “Open” field.
3.In the “System Configuration” window, click on the Boot tab.
4.On the bottom left, in the “Boot options” section, check the box for Safe boot.
5.Select the Minimal option and click the OK button.
6.Restart the computer and it should load into Safe Mode automatically.

Note: If you use the above option to access Safe Mode, you need to follow the same steps once in Safe Mode and uncheck the Safe boot option. Otherwise, your computer will continue to automatically boot into Safe Mode each time you restart the computer.
How do I get out of Safe Mode?
From Windows Safe Mode, click Start, Shutdown, and restart the computer. This will start the computer automatically back into Normal Mode.

Note: Many users believe that they are still in Safe Mode because the colors or video may not look correct. Unless in the corners of the screen it says “Safe Mode”, you are not in Safe Mode. For information on how to setup your video card resolution, see document CH000190.

If you are rebooting the computer and it is rebooting back into Safe Mode (it does say “Safe Mode” in each of the corners), it is likely another problem exists with Windows preventing it from loading into Normal Windows. We recommend you see the basic troubleshooting section for additional ideas that may help to resolve your issue.

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